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Business coaches - listen up: Here’s what’s important in 2024

The industry is changing. Here are the trends I'm seeing in 2024 and how you can grow your business coaching empire sustainably.

Magnetic content that sells.

Create from inspiration, not desperation: an easy shift that makes your content 100x better.

I accidentally built a multiple 6-figure business

I just wanted to make 3k/month and be able to pay my bills doing work I love, but then THIS happened...

WTF is Feminine Business?

I talk a lot about Feminine Business, but what is it actually? I'll tell you in this blog post.

5 things you're not supposed to do in business, but that I do & love.

Less rules = more fun. Here's things I'm doing very different from what you're *supposed* to do.

Struggling with Procrastination? Read this.

You're a go-getter... and sometimes you wonder why the F you procrastinate so much. This blog post will help.

Misconceptions about Feminine Business

Feeling a pull towards feminine business, but have your doubts?

Sell your Skills, not your Lifestyle

Let's go back to basics & make your life a whoooole lot easier!

The biggest Lie they tell you about Success

Let's talk about THE thing that screws you over and over again in your online business.

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