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Business coaches - listen up: Here’s what’s important in 2024

The industry is changing. Here are the trends I'm seeing in 2024 and how you can grow your business coaching empire sustainably.


We’ve been hearing and seeing it for many months: The industry is changing. 

What used to work well no longer works. What worked well for some people has shown not to work for everyone (surprise 🤡). Many people have invested thousands in business coaches and haven’t gotten the results they were promised or desired - and consequently, they’ve become more risk-averse. 

Here’s my prognosis for what’s important if you want to stick around long-term & without burn-out:

What we'll cover:

1. More than ever, people are looking for real support.

Gone are the times when we gladly pay 20k for 4 calls and ask no questions about what the offer is really about because that’s considered a “lack mindset”. 

We’ve collectively woken up to the fact that asking what to expect is not low-standard, but HAVING STANDARDS… and common sense. We value ourselves and our money and consequently don’t just throw money at everything and everyone who could potentially change our lives.

We’re done settling for zero actual support & crave high-level hands-on mentoring instead (which doesn’t mean you completely have to change your style of working - just look at what your clients REALLY need to get results & if you are currently providing that).

That said, we’re willing to commit to long-term mentorship cause we’ve cleared the illusion of overnight success & are in it for the long haul. We just like to know what we’re buying into, whether values and approaches actually align rather than blindly throwing our money at anyone who makes more money than us.

2. Down-to-earth business (with your head in the clouds) becomes more important again.

We’ve seen it over the past few years: some coaches blew the f*ck up, celebrated milestone after milestone and many of us wondered „How the fck do they do it?“ - not getting the answers even when booking them, or realizing that their way feels fully unaligned for us.

The evolution goes back to actual business support - without following soul-sucking cookie-clutter strategies. But we’ve all seen that if we want a sustainable business, one where we can fully enjoy our lives outside of business, we need some systems set up and SOME foundational marketing in place. 

If clients with no business background are JUST starting and have 5 followers, they have to learn the foundations of business and entrepreneurship. Not JUST energetics and “Believe and it will happen”. You always need a product that’s actually in demand, a clear message, and a few other foundational things.

3. Actual SKILLS as a business coach are more important than ever.

I’ve never been one to be loud about needing certifications. After all, we’ve all experienced the high-school teachers who went through years of training to be absolute dicks who should not be around kids/teenagers (right?!).

However, we’ve all also seen the increase of 23-year old *business coaches* that made us wonder "Why exactly should I book YOU for business coaching?“, and as much as many people feel the BS, we need to stand out and OWN our skills and experiences as business coaches to stay and thrive in the market long-term.

…and be honest with ourselves  where we might have to invest in bettering our craft so we can actually provide value to our client - ESPECIALLY if we charge premium prices.

Charging thousands each month without proof of concept has never really worked and certainly doesn’t work in 2024.

This isn’t to be confused with the infamous imposter syndrome  - you know where you stand.

Honor your craft and own your genius - or improve your skills/embodiment if you feel that’s needed (or even get honest with yourself about the fact that ACTUALLY you want to do something entirely different).

4. Embodiment & integrity are a MUST.

*Fake it till you make it* is so 2015 and the last 3 years have made a lot of us much more sensitive: we smell BS from a mile away. Consequently, more than ever, we need to fully embody what we’re selling. 

Nobody wants to get their hair done by someone with roots grown out to the shoulders and greasy hair and you’ll only hurt yourself if you feel you need to put on a facade rather than owning where you’re at (also important in regards to manifestation 🤫).

Back to the hair example: imagine having terrible hair and using filters every day to hide it and sell „how to have the hair of your dreams“. It. does. not. work. and makes you drown in the imposter syndrome.

Walk your talk, OWN your greatness - and work on your alignment. YOU deserve it as much as your clients do. 

5. Real, actual leadership is not negotiable. 

We used to *get away* with flashing numbers and showing off how cool & rebellious we are. 

At this point, most people are turned off by it. They have either made a lot of money already and realized it’s more about how they FEEL making money, or they have curiously observed the industry wondering how so many people were falling for *popular girl tactics* to begin with.

Our smart, soulmate clients crave depth - and real leadership. 

New thoughts. Fresh perspectives. Someone who dares to say what most don’t. People who don’t call themselves leaders, but LEAD.

So allow yourself to take up space to share your unique perspectives & approaches. Don’t do shit for the applause, but because it feels right and important (and that's when you’ll get it 😏).

6. Focus on who you are outside of your business.

Soft life, tradwife, feminine energy…the world has gotten so fast that more and more people step out and choose a slower lifestyle.

I’ve seen many of my colleagues and clients completely restructure their businesses because their lives, friendships, and romantic relationships have suffered under the constant desire for more impact and money.

The focus has shifted from creating a successful business on paper to actually FEELING good and having time and energy to invest in what really matters to them at the end of the day: health, deep soul connections, a rich life outside of business.

As people helping other people grow businesses, I think this is such an important shift because what kind of businesses do we help our clients build when our lives consist mostly of business?


The more we focus on nurturing ourselves, our relationships and a full, rich life outside of business, the more we can help our clients do the same - rather than leading them to the same close-to-burnout state we’re in.

7. Prices that feel fully aligned with the value of our offer.

I mean - duh. But for real: how many of us have randomly increased our prices over the years… because we could? I know I did. 

That doesn’t mean we have to decrease them. It just means we get to take an honest look at whether our prices are still aligned for us and are a match to our ideal clients.

With many (business) coaches currently decreasing their prices, make sure that you’re not just following a trend, or change YOUR prices because you understand their point of view (I know you and I always understand everyone’s perspective - which is why this is EXTRA important to feel into what feels right for US). 

The real question is: what do you believe in? What feels right (not easy) for YOU? 

Pricing integrity makes it so much easier for us to sign clients and sets an example for our clients - which makes it extra important to set them very intentionally.

My approach in a nutshell: long-term direct 1:1 access and my brain fully in your business costs a good chunk and is only available to clients at a level where they can easily afford my rates, similar to my mastermind - my other offers are priced so that people at all stages of business can afford them. 

I'm curious...

What would you add to this list of 2024 evolutions in the business coaching space? Send me a DM on Instagram - I’d love to chat!

…and if you resonate with this post and would love to receive long-term support from me - I offer a bunch of different options at all sorts of price points and intensities, so send me a DM on Instagram and tell me where you’re at in business so we can figure out which one is the right space for you right now. 

All the Love



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