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Increase impact, income & inner peace in your soul-based business.

Podcast cover showing picture of Christina and the title: Wild Sexy Abundant Podcast.

Do you want to be that entrepreneur who makes all the money and all the impact while living your most pleasure-filled life?
You have come to the right place! The Wild, Sexy, Abundant Podcast is your spa for remembering what truly matters when growing a wildly successful business. This podcast focuses on you becoming wild, sexy (whatever that means for you!) and abundant. In each high-vibe, pleasure-infused episode, I help you understand how to playfully calibrate to living your most sensual, pleasure-filled life while continuously growing your empire.

I want you to feel those finger-licking, f*ck-your-partner-to-the-moon-and-back vibes - no matter how your business is doing (ultimately we both know that the only way is up anyway…). I want you to be so blissed out and deeply-rooted in your confidence that you do not stress about launches, keeping revenue up or any of that matter.
This podcast is your place to remember that you do not have to choose between making a lot of money and living a juicy life that has you dripping in orgasmic ecstasy.

You get to have it all, baby.

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Want me to be a guest on your podcast?

I love being interviewed and spreading my magic and codes in the form of audio.

Some of my favorite topics are feminine leadership, pleasure-based business growth, soul-centered selling, modern marketing, my entrepreneurial journey, and so on.
I am a pretty open human being and I dip my toes in all sorts of topics, so just reach out if you feel called. Those who ask are those who receive!


If you are interested in interviewing me for your podcast, shoot me a message on Instagram or send an email to Please include some podcast stats :)