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Magnetic content that sells.

Create from inspiration, not desperation: an easy shift that makes your content 100x better.


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Earlier today, I was driving home from yoga in my sexy, black Jeep Wrangler (#manifested) as the following sentence popped up in my head:

Create from inspiration, not desperation.

Too many entrepreneurs are struggling to create content that sells for them because they are actually coming from a place of desperation.

They feel they need the money. Or they fear what it would mean about them if they didn’t make more sales.

Or - the most common one - they are so balls-deep into “hOw t0 MaKe G00D c0nTent” that content creation feels like open-heart surgery rather than the joyful, sacred art of sharing about their life-changing work.

Make it simple: act from inspiration. 

It is available in any moment. You can cause it in any moment - even in moments where you may feel like there is only desperation or pressure.

It is your job & within your abilities to choose inspiration. To create inspiration.

…and from a space of feeling inspired, you’re gonna WANT to create content. You’re gonna be focused on serving, rather than selling (not that you need to give tons of free value to make sales, but typically we feel better when we’re not just posting to create the next few sales, but coming from a desire to help people).

When we’re creating content from inspiration, we tend to feel connected to our soul, we naturally write with more passion & emotion which radiates onto those consuming your content - which, then again - are more likely to become your client because instead of speaking to their mind, you are speaking straight into their heart.

There you go - easy peasy recipe for more magnetic content that sells. Remember this sentence when you feel blocked, or stuck around content creation - or when you feel like you're just pumping out content because you think that's what you have to do without feeling aligned with it.

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Magnetic content that sells.

Create from inspiration, not desperation: an easy shift that makes your content 100x better.

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