Christina Arntz

I'm the mentor you've been manifesting!

You're a total badass who believes in taking action to get what you want, but you also long for more spaciousness and build a life & business that feels f*cking orgasmic and that doesn't need you to work so hard?

F*ck, I'm so glad you're here!

I so deeply believe...

Our luck is in our own hands.

To create your dream reality, we combine...

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Business, Marketing and Sales Strategies
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Mindset & Identity Work
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Hi, I'm Christina!

If you feel like you were born to go BIG,
I think we were destined to meet!

I am THE mentor for ambitious, go-getter women who know they can work hard but don't want to (anymore).

My vision is for you to become rich and relaxed, to reconnect with your divine femininity to playfully create a life & business you are wildly in love with.

I don’t have a crazy,
headline-worthy life story

I’m just a gypsy soul who loves being in nature and has a thing for Chanel handbags. I am a girl who grew up in a typical middle-class family in Germany. Someone who always had it ‘pretty well’, but ‘pretty well’ was never enough for me.

I wanted good, I wanted great,
I wanted f*cking fabulous!

...and today, I have that - thanks to my unique approach to business!

I am traveling around the globe with the love of my life & our adorable puppy Gandhi while working with the most incredible women and getting paid for work I'd still do if I wasn't getting paid for it.

I design spaces that...

So... you grow your business - with ease. you in reconnecting with your magnetic feminine energy so you can playfully attract anything you desire vs. chasing it through calculated action.

...focus on YOU as a human, a CEO, a woman, rather than fixing minor outside problems that you're only experiencing due to inner misalignment. you make small, strategic tweaks that make a big difference.

My Core


Woman reading book.
We are all meant to live a wildly abundant life.
Luxurious designed living room.
What you can see vividly in front of your inner eye, is yours to create.
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You are the puppet-master of your reality.
Gold bokeh.
Money is energy and we attract what we are a vibrational match for.

Make the absolute most out of Life!

Work with me

You deserve to live a life that completely blows your mind & makes you wet & excited to wake up to.

No dream is too big. No vision too crazy.
Let's turn your wildest dreams into reality! Let's build your online empire - in alignment with your femininity.


Business coaches - listen up: Here’s what’s important in 2024

The industry is changing. Here are the trends I'm seeing in 2024 and how you can grow your business coaching empire sustainably.

Magnetic content that sells.

Create from inspiration, not desperation: an easy shift that makes your content 100x better.

I accidentally built a multiple 6-figure business

I just wanted to make 3k/month and be able to pay my bills doing work I love, but then THIS happened...

...or listen to my podcast!

I am the proud host of the WILD, SEXY, ABUNDANT Podcast which is all about feminine business explosion and orgasmic life design.
Tune in for unique perspectives on commonly-discussed topics, to chat about the things nobody talks about but everyone experiences or thinks about, and for the Ted-talks I haven’t yet been invited to hold.