Christina Arntz

The biggest Lie they tell you about Success

Let's talk about THE thing that screws you over and over again in your online business.


Are you a powerhouse woman who wants to grow her online empire and live a wildly delicious life while you’re at it?

…and sometimes you feel just EXHAUSTED by all the things you feel you have to hold together or take care of in order to have it all, right?!

I know I’ve been there and in today’s post, I’ll share with you how I got over that and how that helped me to feel sooooo much more lightness in the pursuit of living an extraordinary, delicious, holy-shit-I-built-this life.

PS: For the exctended conversation of this topic, make sure to listen to S2 EP1 of my podcast.

What we'll cover:

The biggest Lie about Success? You have to be *perfect*.

Ideally get up at 5 am in the morning. Meditate. Do 10 minutes of breathwork. Take a cold shower. Get ready… and not just any clothes, but clothes that your next-level self would wear. Then get to work. But also don’t get to work too early cause that would mean you’re obsessed with your work which wouldn’t be healthy, either. Make a lot of Instagram stories so people can get to know you and your business, but not too many because nobody cares about you THAT much. Oh and you NEED to master selling cause otherwise how can your business succeed?! LOL

Now, while I very much agree on the sales part (it’s truly huge when it comes to business) and I do see those other activities as… not silly, either, I have my issues with this.

I know so many successful entrepreneurs (one being the super cool one typing this blog post right now ;)) who grew their businesses massively without becoming robots.

One of my favorite people who embodies this amazingly is Rebecca Ives aka The Content Queen. Even though we have very different posting styles, I adore her easy-peasy-ness to posting content online and how she completely owns who she is instead of trying to BE someone she’s not.

Watching her content online, you know who you’d sit on a table with at brunch… if you guys would ever happen to have brunch together (lol).

Owning who you are today is your secret of success!

I feel in the online world we’re often encouraged to paint pretty pictures - forgetting that we ARE pretty pictures. Now. As we are. Whether we wake up at 5 or sleep in until 11. Whether we take a cold shower every morning or shower every few days. Whether we dress as our next-level self or rocking some cozy-yet-stylish joggers.

With that being said, I do not think that living an average-joe-life will get you the extraordinary-blow-your-mind life you’re meant for

What will help you immensely though is accepting yourself. Fully. Just like you are now. You’re doing amazing! You’re probably already impacting so many more lives than you think even though you know you’re just getting started.

By accepting yourself you release soooo much energy that would otherwise get lost judging yourself for all the things you’re not doing, not doing good enough, ladidadida.

That new energy - funny enough - may actually get you to do better at the things you wanna do better at. But then you’re no longer doing them or not doing them with this feeling of “I NEED to do this in order to _____” but you’re doing them because it feels fun. Because you WANT to and you ENJOY doing it. 

But even if you still don’t have a fancy morning routine, you still feel like a hot mess that is completely fine. Let’s put an end to this idea that you have to be a superhuman to create success, the relationship of your dreams, and so on.

Ask yourself right now: Which conditions have I given my success?

Who do I believe I need to be in order to _____ (e.g. hit that next income milestone, attract my dream partner, climb up the corporate ladder, etc.)?

Release all the stories, all the ideas that have been planted in your head about who you need to be, what you need to learn, etc. in order to _____.

How do you want things to work for you instead?

What if you could make millions and impact millions of people being the kind of CEO who wakes up whenever she wakes up, doesn’t let her clothes decide whether she gets to be even more successful or not, etc.?

What if you are meant to show the world new ways of success?

What if all the stories you’ve heard about who you need to be and how you need to improve XYZ were always just limiting beliefs of those who told you these things?

Darling, let me remind you: you are good enough NOW. You always were. Do not fall in the trap of constantly thinkng you need to improve to be able to have what you desire.

PS: If you wanna dive deeper into this topic, make sure to check out my podcast! Click here to listen to a 30-minute deep dive on the illusion of perfection and having to be "healed".

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