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WTF is Feminine Business?

I talk a lot about Feminine Business, but what is it actually? I'll tell you in this blog post.


I remember sitting on my terrace out here in Portugal, where we are currently staying, my eyes ping-ponging between the sun dancing on the ocean (you know, that thing when it looks like the water glitters? My god, I love it) and my journal.

I knew “Feminine Business is my thing”, but I drove myself CRAZY trying to translate what it actually means and tying it into my big mission, the thing I so clearly know I’m here for (which is: to LIVE BIG and inspire and support others in doing the same).

My yellow textmarker had marked the question in my journal about 10 times - and yet, no answer. So as someone embodied in the work of “feminine business”, I eventually put my pen to the side and decided to just enjoy the view and be present.

Shortly after, my boyfriend joins me on the terrace and asks me what’s been alive for me today. I tell him about my frustration earlier.

Within 2 minutes, his crystal clear view on things sorted my “drama”. 

So today, in this blog post, I want to share with you what FEMININE BUSINESS means for me and why it’s the only way of business for me, and the only way I want to share with my clients.

What we'll cover:

You see…

We live in a world where the traditional paradigms of business have long been dominated by logic, structure, and linear thinking - which makes sense considering the fact that not too long ago, women were not able to have their own business and so all the business advice, even if it’s now taught by a woman, originates from men - who are not like us women.

In business today, there’s very little room for “just knowing” something will work out. Very little space for intuition, feeling and fun - aspects that turn my feminine core on a loot more.

In traditional business, it’s all about efficiency, KPIs, OKRs, and other weird three-letter-acronyms.

Feminine business, on the other hand is all about the feelings. At its core, Feminine Business is rooted in the belief that decisions & your business shouldn’t just sound good on paper and create great numbers; they should feel right in your body

But contrary to popular belief, it’s not just sitting around the fire, pulling oracle cards and asking the Universe to hand us what we want.

It’s a blend of strategy and intuition, where logic meets emotion, and plans that “just make sense” intertwine with gut feelings. It's the synergy of the baddie go-getter energy - the unstoppable drive to create something meaningful and the deep feminine urge for a slow, peaceful life in the mountains surrounded by the humans we love the most.

In my world, feminine business is not the absence of strategy and plans. It just goes far deeper than that and it has another focus than just a sexy, financial outcome that we can brag with to make ourselves feel worthy. LOL

It’s about having the time of your life as you build your legacy. 

In Feminine Business, success isn’t merely measured by the dollars in your bank account; it’s about freedom. It's about creating a business that not only sustains you financially but also grants you the freedom to live authentically, to explore your passions, and to revel in life's pleasures and what is truly important to you.

One of the foundational principles of Feminine Business is honoring the multidimensionality of oneself. It’s about recognizing that you're not just one facet or one niche - a business genius, a nurturing soul, or a creative force. You're all of these and more. It's about designing a business that accommodates the multifaceted nature of your being - one that allows you to embody & express the full spectrum of your identity.

Central to this ethos is the concept of queen energy—the art of holding the bar high. For yourself and your clients.

It’s the understanding that your business is not meant for everyone, and that’s okay. Embracing this allows you to attract clients who align with your values, vision, and energy, fostering a more fulfilling and resonant work environment because, again: 

Feminine Business isn’t just about making lots of money, but about living a big, rich life while you’re doing work you are madly in love with.

For me, this occasionally means saying NO to potential clients that are willing to pay my (far above average) rates because I don’t feel like I’m the right coach/mentor for them. Being embodied in the concepts of Feminine Business, I gladly say NO to thousands of dollars, if it means I get to keep my inner peace, and hold my highest standards. I know in every cell of my body that an unaligned client costs me a lot more than it gives me - no matter how much they pay - because a draining, unaligned client influences how I feel on the daily, lowers my energy and through that, kicks me out of a state of inspiration, feeling alive and full of ideas - the state that ultimately makes me money and calls in the right client for me.

Moreover, Feminine Business acknowledges the cyclical nature of energy and honors the ebbs and flows within oneself. It’s about working in harmony with your natural rhythm and menstrual cycle, recognizing when to move fast with the fiery determination of the go-getter and when to lean into the gentle embrace of the earth, and letting inspiration arrive as you rest.

Most female business owners are constantly “on”, forgetting their lives, relationships, health and priorities all to build a successful, financially thriving business, but…

How successful are you really if you’re sitting in a bath of money, but you’re not feeling deeply happy in your heart?

Emphasis on *feeling* because what I've found is that many female entrepreneurs THINK their gratitude, will SAY they're happy but it feels like *something* is missing because they don't actually FEEL it in their bodies.

The question of happiness is a simple one: “Are you happy?” - if the answer is not a heart-felt “YES”, what’s the point of devoting so much of yourself into this business?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you may find some deep, shocking realizations about yourself here: many people build businesses to proof that they are worthy, look cool or revenge someone - all based on childhood traumas rather than deep soul alignment.

That’s not what Feminine Business is all about.

In my opinion, and the approach of Feminine Business, it’s all about feelings - because a) we want to feel good while we’re investing our precious lifetime into building a meaningful business and b) because our feelings impact our results in business massively.

You can launch a product with a genius marketing plan, if you’re not feeling excited in every cell of your body, it’ll be hard to sell it successfully - because just like you, potential clients don’t feel the spark, the deep desire to experience your product.

At best, it’s nice-to-have vs. a must-have.

On top of that, if you ignore your body, your feelings, you’ll also miss noticing expansion and contraction in your body as you play with different ideas in business. You’ll miss realizing “Oh, I actually believe I am not qualified enough to sell this successfully” because you’re too deep in planning the masterplan (that won’t work) for how to sell it.

Many of my clients come to me with a deep desire to get more clients with more ease while having more fun and spaciousness in their business.

The great news?!

Feminine Business allows you to catch two birds with one stone because: 

The more fun you have, the more funds you have.

When you’re feeling f*cking alive, happy, and full of life and you’re walking through life with your heart and eyes open, you’ll see inspiration everywhere, you’ll hear when your intuition whispers “Do this” instead of being too busy in your head (over)thinking what you need to say in which way to sell your offer.

And when you walk through life in this energetic state, everything in your business changes, too. The way you navigate conflict (e.g. an unhappy client), how open & vulnerable you are with your community and clients (authenticity) and how you lead (e.g. content that speaks to their highest self rather than putting them down so that they then buy your product).

I would compare feminine business to arriving at a mountain chalet while it’s snowing, you hear fire crackling in the chimney, there’s smell of mulled wine in the air and all of your best girlfriends are sitting on the couch wrapped up in chunky furry blankets waiting to hug you and laugh with you until your bellies hurt.

It just feels… right.

Vibrant. Connected. Alive. 

Where many people build a business to then, through the money they make, have a good life, Feminine Business is living life to the absolute fullest and making a f*ck ton of money because of it.

Feminine Business works with Magnetism, not “Who works the hardest/smartest?”

A happy woman is a magnetic woman. A woman adoring her life, spending her time intentionally and being in her body rather than her mind is radiant AF.

Ultimately, embracing Feminine Business isn’t just a business strategy; it's a lifestyle—a philosophy that invites you to infuse every action with authenticity, intuition, and a deep connection to self. It's about building a business that not only sustains your livelihood but nourishes your soul—a true testament to the power of feeling, intuition, and holistic alignment in the world of entrepreneurship.

If all of this resonates at a deeper level with you, I highly recommend getting my FREE guide to "Skyrocket your Sales - the Feminine Way".

Or - if you're more of an ALL IN person & you're just like "Where have you been all my lihihihife?" *sings in Rihanna*, then I suggest browsing my Work With Me page or sending me a DM on Instagram to chat about which room would be best for you right now.

Oh & if you have a podcast and feel it would be f*cking valuable for your people to get deeper insights into Feminine Business, send an email to with a few podcast stats. I love being interviewed and I - obviously - love talking about Feminine Business. :)

All the Love



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