Christina Arntz

I accidentally built a multiple 6-figure business

I just wanted to make 3k/month and be able to pay my bills doing work I love, but then THIS happened...


I was just sitting on my terrace with the most breathtaking ocean views reflecting on my business journey so far and you know what really stood out to me?

When I started, I didn’t plan to build a multiple 6-figure/year business. I didn’t even aim for 6-figures. In fact, money was something I didn’t think about much when I started. 

I just had a burning desire to stop sharing my social media wisdom with companies I had little personal connection with and instead hand it to other badass women with big visions. Women that, with my help, could not only change their own lives entirely, but also cause a massive ripple effect.

“If their products reach more people, those people will have a better life - and my clients will change theirs along the way through making more sales on social media.”

That was my thinking and I can see today how this attitude made it easy to get clients because it didn’t feel like I was asking anyone for anything, but I was GIVING. The money was just a byproduct. 

Back then, I would’ve been very happy to make 3000$ per month doing work I love. It was the ultimate dream. 

What we'll cover:

In 2020, everything changed for everyone and for me, a big life shift I’ll never forget occured (you may have heard me share this story in more depth…).

I stopped focussing on the strategy in my business, and made my energy my #1 priority.

The shift that I felt in my body cannot be described with words. It changed everything.

As a consequence, I started doing things differently from everyone else. I started talking about social media and business in an entirely new way. I stopped being afraid to say or do the wrong thing and repel clients and got excited to “loose” people who were not aligned.

I dared to be an innovator, a leader, an artist in my business rather than looking at people who were more financially successful than me & trying to understand their strategy.

…and woopsi, a few months later, I had made my first 100.000€ (~ 110.000 USD) without even trying or working hard.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because ever since that moment, I’ve done it again and again and again and - full transparency - when I stopped slaying in my own lane & doing things MY way, I stopped making as much money as effortlessly. 

…which leads me to the conclusion:

There’s big magic in standing out & in doing things differently.

We all want to  pave our own path instead of following someone else’s strategy that feels icky and off to us. We want to express ourselves and the essence of our souls because that feels freeing, expansive.

And yet, when it comes to writing content, creating offers & setting prices, we’d rather blend in. Be one of many fish. To protect ourselves. To avoid the pain of feeling other peoples’ projections.

The truth is?

You won’t build something outstanding, something people remember & identify with if you try to do it like everyone else.

Not only will it bore you out, but it’ll also give you a massive disadvantage on the market because YES there’s always room for more people AND if you try to compete with others by being like them, there will always be someone that feels more authentic, magnetic and successful than you. 

So why not stand out, have the time of your life and get paid really f*cking well?

That’s what I want for you, too.

…which is why I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done in FOREVER (literally a year, or so which is eternity in the online space LOL).





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I can’t wait to see you there and blow up your business with you.

Let’s make 2024 your most abundant year yet, shall we?!

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