Christina Arntz

1:1 Mentoring

For the woman who reads my content, watches me online and wonders "How the fck does she do it?" and equally much knows in her heart: "With this woman, I can expand. I like how she thinks and acts and I want more fun and ease in my business - and in my life."

That's me! Let's chat!

Everything you need to know

Are you ready to grow your online business from a place of intuition & pleasure?

Are you hungry to feel feminine, grounded & turned on as you become THE go-to person for ______ (your niche) without ripping out an arm and a leg?

Ready to burn all the rules you’ve learned about “how to grow a successful business” and focus on simplifying your business so your business runs smoothly - even if you’re sick or want to take a 6-week holiday…or raise a baby?

Are you craving to serve more (aligned) clients, create more structure AND flow & fully take your brand to the next level?

…and live a life that’s even better offline than it looks online?

Darling, you can have it all. You’re meant to have it all (and secretly, you know it).

This high-touch, high-level space is for the woman who:

In my 1:1 mentoring, I work with high-earning and high-achieving women including coaches, consultants, healers, creative entrepreneurs (including influencers/content creators), service providers, and passion-driven women of any industry who have designed a great life on paper, but they crave more: spaciousness, pleasure, and alignment.

If you’re a self-starter, a woman with BIG visions, and a trailblazer who knows that doing things differently than 99% of people will get her the results that 99% don’t get.

Ever thought you’d love to find a mentor who is as good at what they do than you are at what you do?

Your prayers have been answered.

What we'll cover:

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Love-letters from my clients

Emotions Flow Mentor

(...) It was so much more than I thought it would be. I booked the mentoring in a time where my business was still in my comfort zone, not many clients, maybe an income of 3000€/month. (...) Through your easy-going, but clear way, I got super fast access to my own answers and they just can’t be ignored. I really discovered myself, activated my skills and you were instrumental in that. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you have triggered in me. Thanks to your support, after one month, I adjusted my prices for the 1:1 coaching, they got fully booked and I finally successfully launched my group program and made 23.000€. This would not have been possible with the mindset before our collaboration (...).

Life & Business Mentor

I've been working with Christina for over a year now and I couldn't compare any other mentor to her. She's unique in her work. The way she shows up on IG is the exact same way she shows up in our calls. Raw. Pure. Confident. Fully and unapologetically herself. And this fact made me feel incredibly safe to show myself fully as well. She always gets to the root of my problems. When I feel lost within my thoughts, she leads me and clears my path. She doesn't tell me what to do - instead she continues to remind me of my own power, my wild woman that's been hiding way too long. Christina knows and teaches all the strategies around a successful business, but most importantly she shares her wisdom around an incredibly successful life. When I work with her I feel seen, heard and understood. I don't want to talk about numbers here, cause she not only changed the way I do business - she changed the way I do life. With more fun, ease and clarity. I will forever be grateful for her work and the wildly abundant life, I created for myself though her work. And you're a fool if you hesitate one second to work with her.

Spiritual Mentor

If I had to describe Christina’s energy in one word, it would be sensuality! She truly is the Queen of Pleasure! (...) I brought real ease and fun back into my work and devoted myself to feminine play. After 3,5 years of being self-employed, many concepts and structures had gathered and dominated my business. Through Christina’s reflection, I could let go of those that didn’t actually serve me. Instead of being afraid to lose potential clients through the changes we made, I actually received space for real abundance and next to an increased income, I am now working with women who are absolute soul clients (...). Christina triggered, mirrored, and encouraged me. She allowed me to fully exhale and cracked me open to receive biiiiiiig visions. Apart from my business growth, I am so so grateful, from the bottom of my heart, that I can again feel puuuuure pleasure in my life - every day. Her energy is priceless.

Business & Life Mentor

My whole life has changed completely. I feel more confident and more free. I feel like there is nothing I can't do. I trust myself so deeply that everything around me has changed for the better. My love life, all of my relationships (with my parents, with friends and money ;)). That feeling beats everything. On top of that, I hit my first 10k month with ease. I truly feel like a badass.

Picture of former happy client Sarah.
Soul Business Mentoring

Working with Christina was like a magical journey to the best, most wonderful and successful version of myself.
I had been feeling the pull to work with her for a while and knew I would eventually work with her and what can I say? My feeling didn’t let me down.
This woman has inner wisdom as if she was 111 years old and at the same time, she’s so refreshing, funny, and full of passion for what she does.
She doesn’t give you any exhausting one-size-fits-all strategies, but helps you find your own answers within YOURSELF.
Doing so, she is attentive, loving, but also gives a kick in the butt if needed (and we all need it sometimes).
The Mentoring hasn’t just changed the way I run my business, but also my entire life. Especially the relationship to myself has changed dramatically: I feel so full of love and LIFE.
I know the work we did together was like a grain that will provide me with fruits for a really long time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you wonderful soul!

Instagram & Business Mentor

(...) I don’t feel like a different person, but like I finally see, feel and show my own inner power. I feel strong, self-leading, courageous and have an entirely different energy, posture and aura (on- and offline). Even my partner noticed. (...) My business is on an entirely different level in terms of flow, ease, fun and abundance. The offers I’ve allowed myself to create now are things I thought I would do in 3 years from now. Without you, I would probably still mess around with 3-figure offers wondering why my business isn’t profitable. Also in my private life, I’ve attracted way more pleasure and sensuality. I enjoy more and feel better and more relaxed (and I used to be the hustle-queen!). Thank you!

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Hi, I’m Christina!

I am the go-to mentor for ambitious women who know they can work hard, but feel that internal call that things need to get more sustainable in their life and business.

Through manifestation, intuition and feminine energy and just the right amount of down-to-earth business structure and strategy, I help women who know they are iconic badasses in simplifying and expanding their businesses while increasing pleasure and ease.

Women who come to work with me 1:1 typically already have built successful businesses, but aren’t feeling truly fulfilled by it (I also work with women who are in the early days of their business if it's a soul-match, so reach out even if you aren't there, yet).

As much as they know a rich life is created within first and foremost, they have spent a little too much time focusing on outer results and too little time nurturing their heart and pleasure - and they are fucking ready to change that!

If you know you’re epic at what you do, that your work is so needed in this world, and you could always make more money by continuing to do what you’re doing now, but you know in every cell that it’s time for more FUN and EASE - I am your woman!

It’s time to have it all, baby!

How it works

Private 1:1 Calls

Depending on our plan, you get up to 4 calls per month (via Zoom or phone). 

I ask that you show up to each call with an agenda.

Based on that, I will hold space for you, coach you, brainstorm with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Continual Message support

Typically, my 1:1 life & business mentoring comes with unlimited voice and text support via Telegram (Mo-Fr).

A place to be & brainstorm

Let’s face it: you’re genius and you know it. Sometimes, we just need a place to listen to our own thoughts, allow ourselves to take up space & ping-pong ideas with someone who thinks just as big as you. Right?! I hold that space for you while giving you access to my 7+ years of experience in online marketing, and my unique, no-bullshit approach to feminine energy and manifestation.

Hands-on Collaboration

The icing on the cake! While I’m all for magic & manifestation, I take a very hands-on, down-to-earth approach to it which is why I am thrilled to give you feedback on your content, your sales pages, or any other marketing resources you want feedback on. All you’ll have to do is tell me “Christina, I’ve just created ____, can you tell me your thoughts?” - easy peasy and potent AF.

My 1:1 is a unique, result-driven blend of coaching, mentoring & embodiment.

Depending on what exactly you want to work on and where you’re at right now, we’ll determine together how long we should work together to get those results.

There's no one-size-fits-all since every woman I work with is different & I am here to help you make your life & business turn YOU on more so logically the space can be designed exactly according to your needs & desires.

When reaching out to work 1:1, tell me what kind of support you're looking for. If you're unsure which setting (e.g. chat only, calls only, etc.) is for you, that's cool, too. We can get clear on that together.


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Ready to go from successful, but stressed to RICH in every area of your life?

Stop obsessing over what others may be thinking of you (I know you say you don’t care, but we both know that’s not entirely true 😉). Create from your soul. Reach your soul people. And feel CHERISHED by your man that you find HOT AF even years into your relationship.

Imagine your pussy feeling tingly and your heart & bank account full as you wake up feeling excited to be blessed with another day on earth.

Imagine feeling deeply rooted within yourself. “Not giving a fuck about what others think” not being a mantra, but an embodied experience and you feeling more YOU than ever - in your business and in your personal life.

I want you to walk away from working together feeling like you’re not just building a business, but the empire you always kinda knew you were meant to have & that you feel grounded & turned on while you’re at it.

Sounds like your vibe?

All In

The $ investment for this space will depend on the amount of support you want.


She turns heads everywhere she goes, but what sets her apart is not just her success, it's her spirit.