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It’s Saturday.

I just got off the phone with a good friend. On a sidenote, she had told me about this woman who is currently making a lot of content in the realm of *debunking the coaching scene*.

At first, I was like “Uugh, do I even wanna check this out?” because in the past I had literally blocked an account like that cause it felt this account was spreading just as questionable content that she was criticizing.

….but because the name of this women sounded familiar, I decided to check it out - and I’m glad I did.

Because what she shared reminded me of something that’s been lingering inside of me which I want to share with you right now.

What we'll cover:

What if you just focused on selling your skills?

What if you released all the stories you tell yourself regarding *what sells* and *what doesn’t* and you go all out there and own what you’re really fucking good at?

*Disclaimer: Have I ever needed my *cool girl moment* and sold my lifestyle rather than my expertise? Absolutely. Will some people perceive my marketing as overly flashy today? Absolutely. I, too, am always on a journey AND I don't think that showing that you have a life (or things) you're wildly excited about is bad. In this blog post, I simply want to shine a light on a topic I know a lot of coaches, healers, service providers, etc. online struggle with - and how I think we can solve this on a very practical level.

It's not a new trend to sell your services through promoting a certain lifestyle. We all know those cringe-y YouTube ads with guys flashing cars, don't we?!

After all, marketing teaches us to focus on selling the dream behind the dream, e.g. selling the feeling of confidence through make-up vs. selling a lipstick. Or selling the idea of traveling around the world while making a lot of money vs. business coaching.

As someone who travels the world and makes money along the way, I am very well aware that, in a way, I sell a lifestyle. I know the effect of me sharing my life can have. I am aware - and being someone who always dreamed of this kind of lifestyle, I feel it can be inspiring to see other women living what I wanted to live.

However, ultimately I don’t sell a lifestyle. I sell holistic business coaching & mentoring for female online entrepreneurs. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in multimedia, wrote my thesis about the predictability of success on YouTube and have worked with social media and online marketing for 7+ years. Since 2018, I’m full-time self-employed. First as a social media consultant and -manager, then as a business mentor for women. 

While my work focuses a lot on mindset, identity and falling in love with yourself, I can help you write sexy copy, create posts that sell and mentor you from building a website that sells to creating youtube channel to reach more people - which will ultimately also help you grow your business and brand.

When it comes to business, I know what I’m talking about. And I know that growing a successful business goes waaaaay beyond finding the right strategy or knowing how it works on paper - that’s what you can usually find for free all over the internet so it wouldn't make logical sense for me to sell this online. LOL

I stand out because I’ve been self-employed since more than 4 years AND have been working with online marketing for 7+ years.

So even though, I can see how you might want to work with me because you desire a similar lifestyle, please hire me because you resonate with me on a human level and because I have knowledge, experience and qualifications.

Please do not fall into the illusion that you have to have a certain (fancy) lifestyle, or look a certain way to become (even more) successful with your business. 

Own what you’re fucking good at - and promote that.

How much easier does that feel?

How much more aligned does that feel?

Plus, on a bit of a meta-level, I also think that this way of marketing can increase the quality on the coaching market which has been criticized a lot. If we don't make our marketing all about us & how we cool are, we have to put our expertise & desire to help others at the center and if there's no real expertise or desire to help people, there won't be much content. We might still face the issue of people being great at marketing, and....less great at what they actually do for and with clients, but hey - gotta start somewhere, right?! ;)

If you enjoyed this post & you have thoughts you wanna share - send me a DM on Instagram. I always get so excited hearing how my content landed for you.

PS: The wonderful Taylor Lee recently made a great podcast episode about selling with your revenue, so using your own revenue as a means to sell your offers. I really enjoyed this podcast episode, and have shared it with a bunch of my clients, so highly recommend checking it out if this blog post resonated with you.

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