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Misconceptions about Feminine Business

Feeling a pull towards feminine business, but have your doubts?


These days, many women feel a pull towards aligning their business with their feminine nature, but fear their income may dip, or they are running their business "the feminine way" but somehow the results don't seem to show (which again makes those who are seeing great success in their business wonder if they want to embark on this journey...).

In this blog post, I'm talking about the most common misconceptions about feminine business to help you go for it - or understand why it hasn't gotten you the results you desire thus far.

What we'll cover:

Misconception #1: There’s no doing involved. 

A lot of women think feminine business is all about attracting, receiving, manifesting, watching unicorns fart in the sky and - boom - there magically drops the thing they wanted.

Here's the thing: I'm all for manifestation. What we simply should not forget is that manifestation includes doing, taking inspired action.

I’d say the difference between more traditional, masculine business is that with feminine business we don’t follow old-school rules and see them as THE way we have to do things otherwise our businesses won't succeed. Instead, we consult with our intuition and ask ourselves things like "How would I love for this to _____(e.g. sell, work for me, etc.)?"

Let's take the example of selling a product: Old-school, masculine-inspired business advice often sounds something like "You have to do XYZ in order to _____" whereas the feminine way of selling would be like “Wouldn't it be fun if ______?" inspired by your intuitive nudges you received as a consequence of asking for guidance around the result you desire.

It's like you receive the roadmap, step by step, by your infinite inner wisdom, rather than following a soulless plug-and-play plan.

With that being said, we need to understand: it’s a complete illusion that feminine energy is passive. It’s not. It’s fiery. Soft. Unapologetic. Kind. We are, of course, taking action. But it's action that excites us. Action driven by our intuition. Our passion and creativity. Action that doesn't follow a "5-step to success" framework, but the framework of our hearts and purpose (cheeeeesyyyyyyy but true).

Misconception #2: Those that are successful are secretly super strategic.

Ughhhh how many times have I heard this one?!

“Christina, you can tell me what you want - but you are super strategic. You might not see it, but your business works the way it does because there’s strategy in place.”

…and the thing is: I totally see how that could be seen as true.

Because I often get an impulse for something and then I’m like “Uuuuhhh yes, I could totally see that working well" or in hindsight, something looks super smart and exactly like I followed a strategy, but I didn't (also, I just wanna say: it's not like there's a secret medal for the least strategic person with the greatest results out there. Ok, maybe there is a little bit cause I believe most women actually feel better following their intuition rather than cookie-clutter strategies, but hey...).

I've done so many things that looking back made a looooot of sense, but at the time I did them, they made no sense. They felt crazy.

Personally, I think our intuition is just so damn magical that we're already internally equipped with what is commonly called "business strategy". After all, if we look around us, fully take in the magic that is planet earth... how could we NOT be connected to this infinite intelligence we see all around us?

If flowers know when to bloom and a moon moves the water in the ocean... could we not know how to sell our offers to the people who want exactly what we have to give?

I think saying that everyone who claims to be driven by their intuition is secretly or even unconsciously super strategic isn't giving our intuition and our nature enough credit.

What do you think?

Misconception #2: You only do what feels good.

To be fair, I’ve probably contributed to this image in the past, but not purposely - which is why I wanna clarify this:

Generally, I really do think feminine business is prioritizing fun and doing what feels good, BUT (!) for that to be true, we need to define what *good* means.

Does eating a burger and fries 3x really feel good?

Does watching Netflix every single night really feel good?

Does it feel good to constantly let your fears be bigger than your visions?

I don’t think so. It’s just more comfortable. It’s maybe more in alignment with who you used to be.

…but that’s what I mean when I say “I only do things that feel good in my business”.

What this is built on for me is being intentional and allowing yourself to have FUN building your business, defying the rules & all logic. 

…and that means that we get to look at what we can outsource, simplify - or even ditch entirely.

Ultimately, I think you have to have a vision of where you see yourself & your life going and act in alignment with that vision. To me that is what feels good - even, or maybe especially, if it means leaving your comfort zone more often than not.

Does it feel good to chase a clients' payment cause they've been ghosting you?

Nah. But it feels good to take charge of your reality and take care of it rather than just hoping that one day they'll bless you with an answer - or that missing payment.


So it's not (at all!) about simply ignoring the things you don't instantly feel excited to do, but it's about finding a way or perspective that does actually make you excited for it.

After all, as a business owner it would be insane not to go out there and promote your work because "you don't like selling". Selling is the heart of any business. You don't promote your offers, you don't get your amazing work to the people who need it.

As you can see, for me, the power lies in making things feel good for me rather than hoping nothing hard ever happens to me. That's simply being delusional in my opinion.

Being an entrepreneur you have to have thick skin (which doesn't mean you can stay soft & kind) because there will be heaps of situations where things might not instantly feel "good", but it's in your hands to make them feel better for yourself - which can, like I said, can sometimes be as simple as realizing that you can do things entirely different and simply ditch that task.

PS: If you wanna dive deeper into this topic, make sure to check out my YouTube video "Misconceptions about Feminine Business" (and don't forget to like and subscribe ;))

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Misconceptions about Feminine Business

Feeling a pull towards feminine business, but have your doubts?

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