Christina Arntz


"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." - Bob Dylan

Are we a match? Do we vibe?


My work is known to help women fill their hearts... and their bank accounts.

This is so dear to my heart because what's the point of all the money if you're not feeling rich on the inside and truly enjoying the life you've built?

We're taught that business requires sacrifice and hard work - and I believe that's one way to think of it. I believe we can choose our thoughts and through that choose the realities we create and experience.

...but I'm getting ahead of myself :)

Scroll down to see how I roll and see if it's something that calls you.

10 things you should know when entering my world:


I will always encourage you to sell more often - of course in ways that feel good for you (and I can help you get there). Sales are the engine of any business. No sales, no business.
So: let's sell! Often!


Money in the hands of good-hearted people will do good shit; the more we have, the more good we can do with it.

But let me also be clear: this is not the place where we donate every dime we make.
No, we love spoiling ourselves and through us feeling wildly fulfilled, we can show up entirely different in this world and that makes a way bigger positive impact than donating every penny to pretend to ourselves that we’re a good human.
If you love luxury, and 5*-everything - I think you'll really enjoy working with me.

I’m all for slow living & fast growth.

However, in my world, we don’t even pretend like you become a millionaire overnight. It takes work - but the work can be fun as hell so you don’t even WANT to skip “to the good part” cause all parts are the good parts.


My top priority is for you to experience life-changing shifts by working with me. What it less important to me & what I don't want to stand for: perfectionism.

My courses are not recorded in a studio, or always with perfect lighting (but often in fun places around the globe).
That is intentional and a part of the expansion.
Know that when buying a course from me :)

Certified by God.

While I hold a bachelor’s degree in media, a certification as a breathwork facilitator, have years of experience professionally working in social media, and have taken tons of trainings in the fields of coaching, NLP and business, I do not over-obsess about certifications.

I bring years of experience as an entrepreneur and a unique blend of coaching & consulting to the table. I like to think I’m certified by God - which essentially means: I was born to do the work I’m doing and I have unique perspectives and ways of doing things that aren't taught in a classical marketing or business certification (I learned them from experiene, my mentors and courses about business + money I've taken over the years).
That's where I stand. If you think that's ridiculous - you know now that my spaces aren't for you (right now).

I adore babies

…but I’m not one to babysit grown-ups.
My way of teaching and operating requires a high level of self-leadership.
None of the programs I sell work for you in the ways you want them to if you don’t work them in devotion and with self-trust.
I like to say my work includes a solid dash of magic and many of my clients experience the wildest you-couldnt-have-planned-for-it-stories, but you have to put in the work . That's not something I'll mention a lot in my courses because to me that's a given.

I'm all here for ease and miracles, but if you want me to save you from your (financial) misery, please don't purchase from me until that's changed.

Everything happens for a reason

I don’t believe in dwelling on the past, no matter how perceivingly shitty something has been.

With that being said, in my world there’s no space for hating on other coaches you’ve worked with or complaining about your industry. Your experience is valid AND I believe if you think long and hard, you will find many ways how that experience you’re hating on has actually served you - or maybe it will actually serve you down the line.

If you ever buy anything from me and you’re not happy with what you’ve gotten: PLEASE speak up - or shut up forever ;)

 I am not your guru/savior

I know we can become somewhat obsessed with personal & business development. Many people hold a deep trauma regarding feeling like they’re not enough. Therefore, I want you to know:

I do not hold some secret key. YOU are the secret key. All I can do is help you see that and access places you might not be able to access alone (we all have our blind spots & we don’t know what we don’t know, right?!) and offer you new ways of thinking and acting.
I deeply believe in the power of that - which is why I’m doing the work I do.

I talk a lot about femininity

…and feminine energy as I believe it holds many magical, life-changing lessons for us women. At the same time, I don’t believe femininity and embodying your feminine energy looks the same for everyone.
A lot of women who are somewhat familiar with feminine energy make themselves wrong for “being too much in their masculine” and this is not my approach. I want to support you in finding out what your very own version of your most magnetic, feminine self looks and feels like.
With that being said: if you like 5-step-action-guides and expect to get those from me, you will be disappointed. I work very intuitively and believe there's so much more room for transformation in working on the energetics, rather than coming up with a strategic masterplan.

we focus on the good

Working with me is fun & can be quite an intense journey because I do not hold back. And I challenge you. To think bigger. To think outside the box. To not focus on what's not there, yet, but to see what you've already accomplished and really celebrate that!

Over the years, "positive blindspotting" is a method that has been integrated into my work. Our society is built on "not good enough" and "pushing harder" and I don't believe in that. My clients see INSANE results just through finally seeing their success & being able to enjoy it.
But come see for yourself :)

are we long-lost soul sisters?

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You deserve to live a life that completely blows your mind & makes you wet & excited to wake up to.

No dream is too big. No vision too crazy.
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