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You know you're here to impact thousands of lives, but...

You miss the feeling of ease: You go from times of feeling super inspired, making all the plans, and knowing "This is gonna create the change I desire" to thinking "WTF am I even doing here?!"
Even though you know better, you keep getting distracted by all the advice out there (and wonder if you can really do it your way because the results you've seen so far aren't consistent...): You know you wanna do business YOUR way & feel energized by your work and only work with clients who can afford your work & truly light you up.
You feel like you have to do a lot to bring or keep revenue up: You crave to feel calm & relaxed knowing that your business is set up to make BANK without stuffing yourself into soulless automations.
You don't wanna squeeze yourself into one-size-fits-all strategies because that size doesn't fit you: You know you're a badass & deep inside you know doing it your way is the only sustainable path for your wild, rebellious heart.

The key to doing business your way & getting results:

Back in 2021, when my business finally blew up, ONE thing had changed dramatically: I had stopped ping-ponging between feeling so inspired & "WTF am I even doing here?"

My energy had become more consistent. I felt my bigness, my vision & my impact DAILY.

Business no longer felt like a gamble but like a game I know I'm winning. 😈

As a consequence, I've playfully made over 100.000$ in 6 months. Shortly after, we hit our first multiple 6-figure year & my life hasn't been the same since.

Turns out: you really can do it your way. With heart, soul & ease.

(and if you ask me: it's kind of the only sustainable way.)

What we'll cover:

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Love-letters from my clients

Emotions Flow Mentor

(...) It was so much more than I thought it would be. I booked the mentoring in a time where my business was still in my comfort zone, not many clients, maybe an income of 3000€/month. (...) Through your easy-going, but clear way, I got super fast access to my own answers and they just can’t be ignored. I really discovered myself, activated my skills and you were instrumental in that. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you have triggered in me. Thanks to your support, after one month, I adjusted my prices for the 1:1 coaching, they got fully booked and I finally successfully launched my group program and made 23.000€. This would not have been possible with the mindset before our collaboration (...).

Life & Business Mentor

I've been working with Christina for over a year now and I couldn't compare any other mentor to her. She's unique in her work. The way she shows up on IG is the exact same way she shows up in our calls. Raw. Pure. Confident. Fully and unapologetically herself. And this fact made me feel incredibly safe to show myself fully as well. She always gets to the root of my problems. When I feel lost within my thoughts, she leads me and clears my path. She doesn't tell me what to do - instead she continues to remind me of my own power, my wild woman that's been hiding way too long. Christina knows and teaches all the strategies around a successful business, but most importantly she shares her wisdom around an incredibly successful life. When I work with her I feel seen, heard and understood. I don't want to talk about numbers here, cause she not only changed the way I do business - she changed the way I do life. With more fun, ease and clarity. I will forever be grateful for her work and the wildly abundant life, I created for myself though her work. And you're a fool if you hesitate one second to work with her.

Spiritual Mentor

If I had to describe Christina’s energy in one word, it would be sensuality! She truly is the Queen of Pleasure! (...) I brought real ease and fun back into my work and devoted myself to feminine play. After 3,5 years of being self-employed, many concepts and structures had gathered and dominated my business. Through Christina’s reflection, I could let go of those that didn’t actually serve me. Instead of being afraid to lose potential clients through the changes we made, I actually received space for real abundance and next to an increased income, I am now working with women who are absolute soul clients (...). Christina triggered, mirrored, and encouraged me. She allowed me to fully exhale and cracked me open to receive biiiiiiig visions. Apart from my business growth, I am so so grateful, from the bottom of my heart, that I can again feel puuuuure pleasure in my life - every day. Her energy is priceless.

Business & Life Mentor

My whole life has changed completely. I feel more confident and more free. I feel like there is nothing I can't do. I trust myself so deeply that everything around me has changed for the better. My love life, all of my relationships (with my parents, with friends and money ;)). That feeling beats everything. On top of that, I hit my first 10k month with ease. I truly feel like a badass.

Picture of former happy client Sarah.
Soul Business Mentoring

Working with Christina was like a magical journey to the best, most wonderful and successful version of myself.
I had been feeling the pull to work with her for a while and knew I would eventually work with her and what can I say? My feeling didn’t let me down.
This woman has inner wisdom as if she was 111 years old and at the same time, she’s so refreshing, funny, and full of passion for what she does.
She doesn’t give you any exhausting one-size-fits-all strategies, but helps you find your own answers within YOURSELF.
Doing so, she is attentive, loving, but also gives a kick in the butt if needed (and we all need it sometimes).
The Mentoring hasn’t just changed the way I run my business, but also my entire life. Especially the relationship to myself has changed dramatically: I feel so full of love and LIFE.
I know the work we did together was like a grain that will provide me with fruits for a really long time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you wonderful soul!

Instagram & Business Mentor

(...) I don’t feel like a different person, but like I finally see, feel and show my own inner power. I feel strong, self-leading, courageous and have an entirely different energy, posture and aura (on- and offline). Even my partner noticed. (...) My business is on an entirely different level in terms of flow, ease, fun and abundance. The offers I’ve allowed myself to create now are things I thought I would do in 3 years from now. Without you, I would probably still mess around with 3-figure offers wondering why my business isn’t profitable. Also in my private life, I’ve attracted way more pleasure and sensuality. I enjoy more and feel better and more relaxed (and I used to be the hustle-queen!). Thank you!

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You don't have to become more disciplined or work harder - it's the opposite.

You've got to have more fun. And stop wavering so much. Stay connected.

You know enough. You do enough. You ARE enough.

The thing you're likely currently falling short on: staying on the frequency of knowing THAT & playfully taking action from there.

This is where Rich & Relaxed comes in:

It provides you with your daily dose of high-level no-bullshit feminine business coaching & mentorship that helps you get (more) clients in ways that GIVE you energy AND results (two things we LOVE 🤠).

Think: receiving daily inspiration that helps you stay aligned to your highest standards, play bigger, and create illogical results with ease through feminine magnetism, soulful business strategy & manifestation principles.

Our member's area is strategically structured so that you can use the space as you desire: just take in my daily drops (audio or text), or engage with our active community of powerhouses on a similar path as you.

Our members say that just the community alone is worth joining for 🔥

On top of the daily inspiration, you get a monthly deep-dive masterclass into one feminine business topic to make the typical business things like selling, content & offer creation, etc. FUN and EASY instead of just another to-do.

How it works

Start immediately:

Signup, get instant access to the Rich & Relaxed community and all the content that has been shared in the group since the start + daily support from now on.

Make it easy:

If you haven't already, install the Telegram app and receive daily no-bullshit feminine business coaching helping you to hold your standards & grow your business while having fun!

Check out our Vault:

In our exclusive member's area, you find all previously held masterclasses in Rich & Relaxed. You'll have unlimited access as long as you're in the space.

For years...

I've been working with go-getter women helping them make a bigger impact + income without sacrificing their feminine well-being. In my world, we work with feminine energy, manifestation, and soulful strategy which feels good to your body and allows you to stay in your power consistently - which creates illogical results on autopilot.

It'd be my honor to support you on your journey to becoming rich & relaxed!


Do I have to be at a certain level of business to join?

This high-level space is for those who want to grow their business THEIR way and hold themselves accountable in making decisions that align with their visions and lifestyle they REALLY want.

It does not matter if you're an established multi 6- or 7-figure earner or are just starting your business. We have people just starting, people who've been in business for 1-2 years and looking to get to 3-5k and queens scaling to their first million right now.

Rich & Relaxed focuses on HOW we make money. If you want to make an impact and income with pleasure, ease and inner peace instead of just chasing numbers - the space is for you.

Is it possible to sign up monthly?

The room - like all my offers - is built to create sustainable transformation rather than quick fixes or "let me try this for 2 months and give up if I don’t see instant results“. It's for the woman that is committed to her goals & building a business vs. making a quick buck.

Of course, we can & do experience rapid transformation inside the community, but offering anything less than a 6-months commitment on both ends is not aligned with feminine business to me.

If this also resonates with you, we’d LOVE to welcome you into the best community on the internet & skyrocket your business in a feminine way ❤️✨

Is this like a membership or when does the program end?

While it's not your typical membership, you can think of it like a gym subscription (but then way more convenient cause you get messages straight into your phone, rather than having to drive to a gym 🤡). You may join because you desire to get fitter and you do, and then you keep going to the gym... because it's who you have become and you wanna continue slaying.

I have no intention is closing it as I LOVE the space, the incredible community in it & the results my clients see.

How much time per week do I need to invest in this?

There are no rules and no right or wrong ways to make use of our exclusive, private Telegram group. You use the space however it serves you best & likely, you'll have seasons of being in there all the time, and others where you just occasionally plug in. You don't need to take in every single piece of content I post in there. Allow yourself to be guided to exactly the stuff you are meant to receive.

To make your navigation in the space easier, I always drop a short description with every voice note so you know beforehand whether you want to make time to listen, or not. Additionally, the whole group is structured in a way that makes it easy for you to ONLY listen to my daily (mo-fr) messages, or to choose to be a part of our community, too.

If you're someone who feels like they need a lot of accountability and that's why you join, I recommend popping in daily. If you're someone who likes to be on their own, but sees the value of being in a community of badass women, and/or receive daily coaching/mentorship around how to grow your business YOUR way - just plug in whenver you feel called to :)

Does this include 1:1 mentorship/coaching with you, Christina?

No, this space does not include any 1:1 work with me directly. However, I like to occasionally engage in the community channels in our group and offer some feedback, or support. It is not guaranteed, though. If you want to work with me intimately, please send me a DM on Instagram telling me where you're at in your journey and why you want my support.

Ready to blow up your business while having fun & feeling good?

Join Rich & Relaxed today and step into the world of feminine business where abundance and relaxation go hand in hand.

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